Kare MIND - developers documentation

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Kare MIND - developers documentation

Welcome to the MIND’s devevelopers knowledgebase. Here you will find instructions on how to use Kare’s APIs and SDKs in order to customise your experience.

Javascript SDK, Widget and Website integration

The simplest way to integrate the Widget with your website is by using the Javascript SDK. The JS-SDK documentation explains how to enable the Widget as well as how to configure custom operations such as callbacks and profiling.

It is also possible to use our JS-SDK in conjunction with Google Tag Manager (GTM) section. GTM facilitates to enable advanced features such as custom events tracking, A/B testing and/or to load the Widget with different configurations.

To see how to add your own callbacks to our widget events you can check the documentation and examples here.

To see how to add beacons to your website follow this documentation: Beacons

To see code how to modify the behaviour of the widget see different code snippets and examples here

Code snippets

Javascript SDK code snippets


To explore our REST apis please see the following REST APIs

Customers can extend the platform by creating custom applications using the APIs.

Importing documents and ingesting data

The platform provides built-in integrations and a powerful webcrawler.

Customers can extend the platform by creating custom data fetchers to import data from sources that are not yet officially supported or to implement custom features.

Importing files from Box.

For security purposes, if required by your network configuration, it is also possible to white-list Kare’s fetchers IP.

Research, publications and patents

Our research is available through our research lab hosted by Research Gate.

System status

It’s possible to receive live status updates by subscring to our status page.