Connecting a Box account

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Connecting a Box account

This step-by-step guide explains how to connect a Box account to your Dialpad knowledgebase.

Create a new Box application (Step 1/3)

Navigate to your Box developer console and create a new client application by clicking on the Create New App button.

Create New App

Then choose Custom App from the list of possible applications. Custom applications are the most common and the most powerful.

Select App type

Finally, select OAuth 2.0 as authentication method and name your application in a memorable way, for instance DIALPAD sync.


Congratulations, you have just created a Box app!

Configure your new Box application (Step 2/3)

Open your Box application and navigate to the Configuration tab. If the App was created correctly you should see OAuth 2.0 as authentication method.


Now you will need the URL of your DX Console. You can copy that from the browser URL tab once you are signed-in in the DX Console. It should be something like http://<YOUR-DOMAIN><ORG-ID>/kbm/box/auth/callback (CSR) or https://<YOUR-DOMAIN> The first word in the URL is your domain.

In OAuth 2.0 Redirect URI type the following URL by replacing your domain in the template: http://<YOUR-DOMAIN><ORG-ID>/kbm/box/auth/callback (CSR) or https://<YOUR-DOMAIN>

If you make a mistake, don’t worry, Box will tell you by highlighting the text field in red.

Redirect URI

In Application Scopes selects Write all files and folders stored in Box. Dialpad needs that permission to share your files if needed.

Application Scopes

Finally, add http://<YOUR-DOMAIN><ORG-ID>/kbm/box/auth/callback (CSR) or https://<YOUR-DOMAIN> in CORS Domains. Please make sure to write your domain name exactly as you did above.

CORS settings

Don’t forget to save!

In the middle of the page there should be a box indicating Client ID and Client Secret, you will need them in the next step.

Authorize your Dialpad account (Step 3/3)

Open the DX Console and navigate to Data Import tab of the settings page. Only administrators can access it. Once you are there click on Configure Box.

Configure Box

From this settings page you can now configure Dialpad to import and use content from Box. It is really important that you configure it properly because this will configure what Dialpad will do with your files.


Let’s explain the various parameters:

Once you press connect Box will handle the authentication process and, if the process is successful, your files will appear in Dialpad.